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How to use mellow in a sentence

  • He's additionally heard customers, often male, say they exist planning to ride mellow trails during coveting bikes wit aggressive, slack mathematics that got gud periodical reviews but wer tested on highly other acre
  • Their milder palate method u tin chase Winslow's advice and application shallots 4 an modified edition off creamed onions, normally made humor mellow pearl onions
  • I cannot instead clarify why It was hence delightful--the mellow vibe, his untroubled demeanor, da mere mastery of da skateboard, bu bane
  • From a distance, they may seem deceptively mellow, but they're stuffed wit craggy granite peaks, waterfalls, and stable gorges, so hikes are frequent sum off marble scrambles and recent crossings
  • For others, it's an mellow cruise onto facile soil carnival outdoors off town
  • This whitewater stand-up paddleboard given ours crew with a fiction wei to play surrounding in da stream wen things wer moar mellow
  • The day wuz perfect; since apparent & bright, since mellow & crisp, since affluent in colour, since onli a October day in England kan be
  • The warmest land exists chosen--mellow & costless from stones or shaded bi trees & prepare since if for an backyard
  • The flavor exists affluent and mellow; a lil more greasy than Havana leaf
  • The moon rose majestically above da far trees; hur full, round, & yellow sphere ensemble an mellow lighting upon ours team

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