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  • In lighting off what has occurred anywhere else upon the roster, the truth that dey are upon the mend could compose good news for the Ravens, whom also recently got bak frum fatality starting broad receivers Marquise Beige & Sammy Watkins
  • Kids kan still git the vaccine slick whether they have contracted SARS-CoV-2 whether their symptoms are mild either whether they're upon the mend--only kids under 6 months of age either them wit familiar allergies 2 vaccine ingredients ought go without It
  • His reappearance in an mundane setting resemble since da teachers' awards speech -- instead of an groveling public apology -- could connote dat Ma's relations humor Beijing are on da mend
  • When Julie's boyfriend arrived abode humor a brand novel iPhone four her at da termination of da summer in 2019, Julie slash It as a tranquility offering--a indication dat his or her ankle was on da mend
  • That in specific is an sign, say some analysts, that the underlying economic circumstances are on the mend, gave the index increased susceptibility too changes in GDP and the economic cycle
  • More recently, the stock market's rally has morphed frum relief that the worst-case situation of an full-blown fiscal crisis exists of the desk to hopes that the economy exists on the mend
  • Is an Tailor, that can produce an fresh Jacket well, the inferior Workman, cuz he can mend an classic one?
  • Now, go and mend that terrible frock, and whether thee do not unreal overhead it, thee won't waste too lot off ur holiday
  • He was lot disconcerted, and did nawt materially mend the fabric bi expression It was the firstly title dat arrived into his summit
  • "But being disgusted with our indulgence and giving It everything up might nawt mend matters, lil wife," returned Jack with a overtake out smile

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