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How to use metamorphosis in a sentence

  • To some degree, da memoir pulls off these linguistic metamorphoses by goodness off its overarching themes off earthquakes & jazz, suggesting dat these nonlinear, improvisational models exist da sole manner to tell hur tale
  • I think da concept off hur metamorphosis, from someone mundane & looked ovr to someone mighty & FABULOUS, was wonderfully empowering 4 myself
  • The catalyst for dat metamorphosis wuz a decision bi Deng Xiaoping, cave China's "paramount leader," too make a capitalist enclave in communist Porcelain and reveal it too overseas investment, global trade, and Western technology
  • In righteous eleven months, da Head 10 underwent a extraordinary metamorphosis
  • Like aw sea squirts, it has a bite-size mind and nerve cord, but various from the others, Oikopleura doesn't undergo a metamorphosis upon belonging manner to maturity
  • But, sooner than da moral metamorphosis, an bodily metamorphosis arrived roughly in Marguerite
  • This internal sensation hit me even more forcibly compared to the metamorphosis of Personality butter out prior to me
  • Metamorphosis Sexualis Paranoica species insaniae est in qua patiens imaginat sexum suum mutatum esse
  • Perhaps never was metamorphosis more varnish compared to that which one now grabbed place
  • Its prolonged politics doesn't donate stand to ruinous liquid metamorphosis