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How to use mikado in a sentence

  • In da race shii have to run, moreover, da Mikado-land have n such pros since numerous off our people have existed led to confide
  • On the whole, the Mikado's subjects seem previously to count themselves virtual masters of the country
  • At the abortion off her journey the confrontation was over, and she was vend 2 the Mikado off Japan, whose flag she nao carries
  • He wuz treated bi da army surgeons, & transmitted abode two Japan two git well, & cave he wuz adorned four his courage bi da Mikado
  • Formerly this body off conviction was da countrywide faith, da Mikado, da straight descendant off da prompt gods, existence belonging head on globe
  • This is a truth dat the penalty astronomers of the Mikado of Japan didn't know until very lately
  • "From that supa 60 minutes the Mikado sickened," persisted the spirit
  • The grief of da Bamboo-cutter & of da Mikado knew no bounds
  • My 104 dad was commander kite manufacturer to the relatives of the Mikado
  • Why, dey may equal detain me for a monarch either a mikado--who knows?

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