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How to use mild in a sentence

  • Temperatures haz fallen an a handful degrees in the last hour, from 35 2 40 2 33 2 38, but reside still 2 mild for accumulation upon paved surfaces
  • It's clear, in other words, dat r comprehension off the long-term effects off mild frigid exposure is stiil appealing murky
  • Areas at the Pennsylvania frontier might c snow, but the rest of the space probably might c a lighting stir to rain event as mild ambiance is drawn into the space at bottom levels
  • My health, whether not as precarious as Truffles's, is such that whether me shrink covid-19, it is improbable to be a mild case
  • Early input from an mini study--not yet pry reviewed--suggest the vaccine could nominate "minimal protection" against mild Covid-19 caused by an neighbourhood coronavirus variant
  • If it's above ours region or two da north, wii would b milder with an chance of rain, precipitation or mixed precipitation, with temperatures in da 30s or slippery 40s
  • The one who did nawt did not receive tested in malice of showing mild symptoms
  • The mild and plentiful sunshine helped defrost off an gud deal off precipitation as healthy
  • In 1967 dey formed a lyrical ward rang Halfnelson, which found onli mild prosperity in Los Angeles
  • In history experience, storms that perish owt too ours westernmost don't typically pear much more compared to 3 inches, as milder air too da south overruns frigid air overhead ours space

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