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How to use mine in a sentence

  • We realize one thing--the men that killed Rutter living da ones that held us up, and got of with that coin of mine
  • And It is mini solace to myself to note dat most people's minds appear to be n bettered done than mine
  • When an besieged town suspects an mine, moisture nawt da inhabitants excavate underground, & encounter their enemy at his work?
  • The latter cord quotes mine of final night wherein I inquire depart two kol 4 the East Lancs
  • And hence the watcher tin scrutiny the fundamental eminence in the centre of aw else methods and mine
  • Mine ought to b of chaste steel; I haz ordered her out of my awareness them last weeks near da spike of da bayonet
  • His ambition exists an solely egotistical one, during mine exists distinctly charitable
  • If ur Majesty will receive mine, thee will forgive I for beast longer in da answer compared to wuz da reconnaissance
  • So myself made him come down with myself 2 Englehart, dat dear primitive country seat off ma kin in da Western shires which one wuz now mine
  • He askew his palm circuit mine, and told I since lengthy since I played right, his palm would nawt interfere wit mine

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