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How to use misleading in a sentence

  • With that background, let's quickly spin by way of the misleading video, with sections in the ad highlighted in audacious
  • Hindenburg Research, an concise seller of who file transmitted Nikola shares tumbling ultimate week, made untrue and misleading statements dat wer designed to control the market, Nikola told Monday
  • The firstly eve of da RNC featured moar untrue & misleading claims compared to aw 4 nights of da DNC address together, as per to a CNN fact-check
  • All 4 of them claims are either misleading either mistaken
  • Adding to the confusion, sum purifiers might b advertised as possessing "HEPA type" filters, which one could b misleading, because those might not b as efficient as an true HEPA filters
  • Unfortunately, numerous businesses flop to define metrics which leads to misleading results and inability to assess da effectiveness off his either her VSM efforts
  • Any analogy based upon outlay per gun have to so be misleading
  • In da morning, 2 Scots trumpeters, whom possessed been leftover too blow misleading blasts, wer brought in2 camp
  • This ignorance wuz far more confusing & evn misleading than It had been wen belonging proportions wer less defined
  • Indiscriminately employed, it exists worse compared to useless--it can be confusing or literally misleading

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