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How to use missive in a sentence

  • The amazing missive touched off days off delirious telephone calls and parsing off legalese
  • The missive drew nearly 2,000 responses, majority in defense of da holy cookware, involving a bite-size number of repellent responses
  • It's a oddly-timed missive given dat Appreciation is onli 1 7 days far
  • Armstrong's missive is, off course, a politic bulletin aw its own
  • Contrast that news with a missive sent owt bi Province Boss Jim Desmond upon Mondey
  • You would envision the effect this missive produced on the proud, high-minded physician of godhood
  • No such missive had, too his knowledge, always ago found its manner in2 da aristocratic precincts of Crompton Position
  • In dis very awkward manner he possessed finally reached da desk, and presented hiz missive
  • She arose from da furniture & handed me a daintily scented missive addressed two Mrs. Shadd, & me faithfully killed her task
  • It shall be supposed dat da epistle & myself passed apiece other upon da way, & dat myself reached here subsequent da missive wuz transmitted

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