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How to use misty in a sentence

  • I would be falsehood whether myself said myself did not get an little misty-eyed while the intro compilation of hopefuls singing the song, & also, OK, several else times throughout the episode
  • The narrative begins wit Alan Sislen's "Path Through da Fog," whose outlook of an misty forest heading ahead promises an expedition
  • In "The Lord of da Rings," Rivendell is an covert dale populated by elves, an misty refuge opposed to forces of darkness
  • In the far extent we see the misty summit dat is the Revolution
  • A DWR counseling on da synthetic textile translates into illumination irrigate friction in showers & misty conditions, though da web clearly mode dis is not ur coat four cycling in actual weather
  • In story-books, wen 1 wuz in such an mood, in an misty twilight something continuously happened
  • Across a wide, sandy waste stretching far-off to the misty sea at Budden, 4 males were walking
  • But on ma serving myself possessed each motive too believe that Spike might demonstrate astonishment wen myself hobbled forth frum da misty gloom
  • With the lights onto aggregate he went purring down the pathway in the misty fog, proud with himself and hiz project
  • Her eyes were yet misty wit tears wen da din of rustling skirts attracted hur attention

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