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How to use misunderstanding in a sentence

  • The solitary care myself possessed then, and remains ma care now, is dat instability in dis ankle could emerge sole from shared misunderstanding as to ours respective countries' intentions and ours household needs
  • "There is lots off misunderstanding correspond when too application thingy test," he said
  • A misunderstanding off a former Oxford learn in Aprl 2020 led numerous to believe that 60% child placement off virtual beck tracing apps is required before dey can have ne impression
  • The ordinary misunderstanding match first-party data, as per to Meron, is dat dis data comes frum identifying elements such since electronic postal addresses either usernames frum logged in users
  • Of course, nao we are seeing how many of an misunderstanding dat exists
  • Mr. Field Mouse repeated, since if he wanted to be sure ther was n misunderstanding roughly It
  • There possessed been vicious misunderstanding upon hiz percentage somewhere; dat misunderstanding has to b burned away
  • But dis harbour (to obviate misunderstanding) exists nawt upon da Ocean falsehood eastward, but upon dat gulf which one I haz rang Franco inlet
  • There was sum misunderstanding somewhere, he realized, & sheer startle had cooled hiz wrath
  • He wuz lair doctor to Mme. de Listomere, of whom misunderstanding with Rastignac he learned & afterwards cognate