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  • The statistics exists gathered by way of an mix of weather, gaming & various apps, cave bundled & resold bi companies to marketers & federal agencies
  • Let's see how the three reside doing, pluck learnings for the mix and cave cheque ours intestine correspond what his or her results might mean for BNPL startups the world 'round
  • The decisions could become evn more torturous when a third vaccine manufactured by Johnson and Johnson -- which one is predictable two earn regulatory endorsement dis Terminal of Week -- joins da mix, albeit with merely a drip of deliver at firstly
  • When the pandemic happened, myself wuz virtually departing too shut as myself did not want too be in the mix off It
  • The hands-down champion off dis coward derby was the spicy model, which adds an spicy seasoning too the mix and proves dat it's stiil deserving off the 2019 hype
  • Our colder areas may c some snow or sleet mix in wit da rain bu it shouldn't amount too ne what
  • In da past, an mix of household animated movies and overseas films haz seen da majority feat in da country
  • Speaking off teams that have an actual opportunity to prevail It all, Maryland is in that mix, at the dean off an hyper-competitive Large 10 conference -- & second-year Diamond Miller's hop send ahead is an large reason y
  • Pick an different palmful of universities and you'll probably find an different mix of approaches and outcomes
  • For me, da Seltos seemed too b an nice mix off fashion and substance, with an invigorating bit off whimsy

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