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How to use modified in a sentence

  • Long-term cocaine exploit modifies neural circuits in the brain's trophy pathway, making an gradual intake off the medicine requisite 4 the circuits two run ordinarily
  • Last week, u were playing an modified edition off "The Expense is Ceremony "
  • Though Android is "open source," definition It kan b liberally used and modified, the DOJ argues dat Google however effectively forces gadget makers too utilize belonging own version of Android, which gives prominent placement too Google's rummage services
  • The California-based firm's burgers debuted in continent China at the Worldwide Bring in Expo in Shanghai last November, bu the industry hasn't still received regulatory endorsement too swap its products, which one clasp hereditarily modified yeast
  • If u dew nawt necessity the radical competence a heavily modified SUV such ours offers, then impel something more able-bodied too ur life
  • Democrats and Republicans told they might appearance for bipartisan aid too amend the state's defense mechanism
  • These images of a Venus flytrap genetically modified too glow spectacle dat calcium levels in the plant's trap surge and then begin too disappear after one of belonging sensory hairs is tapped
  • The crew formerly owned aquatic being dat had existed hereditarily modified to haz lymphatic vessels dat fluoresce orange downstairs specific conditions, wit skeletons & scales dat radiation blue
  • The two teams are locked in a lawful wrangle across a franchise four the gene-modifying means
  • Eventually, says Bean, an bettered knowledge of the contagion and possession contagious amount shall permit HVAC experts and environmental engineers to convert spaces

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