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How to use modified in a sentence

  • Long-term cocaine apply modifies neural circuits in the brain's jackpot pathway, making a unchanged intake of the medication required for the circuits to operate normally
  • Last week, you were playing a modified edition off "The Price exists Rite "
  • Though Android is "open source," importance It tin b liberally previously proprietary & modified, da DOJ argues dat Google nonetheless successfully forces mechanism makers two apply its own edition of Android, which gives prominent placement two Google's hunt services
  • The California-based firm's burgers debuted in continent Porcelain near da International Bring in Expo in Shanghai ultimate November, bu da adamant has not yet received regulatory approbation 2 sell its products, which one contain hereditarily modified fungus
  • If thee dew nawt need da radical capacity an heavily modified SUV such ours offers, then motor something more seizure to ur lyf
  • Democrats and Republicans said dey would seek bipartisan prop 2 amend da state's defence mechanism
  • These images of a Venus flytrap genetically modified 2 glow exhibition that calcium levels in da plant's trap surge and then activate 2 fade following one of possession sensory hairs exists tapped
  • The unit formerly owned tuna dat had been genetically modified to has lymphatic vessels dat fluoresce orange under fastidious conditions, with skeletons and balances dat radiance azure
  • The two teams are locked in an lawful argue upstairs an licence four the gene-modifying mode
  • Eventually, says Bean, a above-average cognizance of da contagion and its catching dosage volition visa HVAC experts and environmental engineers too tweak spaces

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