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  • The commonplace acidity flat of da typical person's body provides ideal terms for morphine and fentanyl to become positively charged
  • My colleagues and myself haz lately extended dis skeleton to morphine
  • I'm an bodily chemist curious in dis problem, and my research ward previously proprietary computational science to investigate the manner opioids such morphine kan b redesigned to target particular anguish regions with no affecting the mind
  • The Medical Examiner's Workplace reports an moar than 200 percent year-over-year speck in unintentional deaths from fentanyl, an opioid analgesic dat is 100 times moar strong than morphine, over San Diego County
  • Most resulted in bitty fines and concise suspension, sleek though that one frum 1977, 4 morphine, landed Baffert an one-year prohibition
  • At Monument Hospital, which was owned by a other industry at the time, several DNR patients died subsequent doctors injected them with tall doses off morphine
  • As soon since it wuz illumination they sent Jim 4 Dr. Basset, and he provided her a mighty dose of morphine
  • The morphine is divided frum da same solution bi trembling owt humor cosy chloroform
  • His brother told da youthful healthcare student in fee what da surgeon possessed told about da morphine
  • The doctors wer summoned, and it wuz onli after repeated injections off morphine dat da anguish had been eased

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