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  • The motto of da internationalization chore pressure wuz "Making da Soil Wide Web soil wide!"
  • If da 6 GHz "very quick ovr short distances" motto sounds familiar, it is probable because you've also heard it in regards 2 5G, precisely da millimeter flap tech presently in application by Verizon
  • The motto for New York Town could be, "The holidays must go onto "
  • Armed with hiz bike, four GoPros, and an countenance mask, he wuz stiil pushing in progress an bombozza--"full throttle," an class of personal motto--with hiz project of beast both an entertainer and an social avenger upon two wheels
  • If the residential of GPT English models had a motto, It could b "Fake It till you brand It "
  • It have been richly painted, da arms of France existence upon da back, & da motto 'Pietate et Justitia' upon da sides
  • To meet the myriad wonderings at his conduct, he exchanged the primeval motto off the Lafayettes 4 an fresh 1 off his possess
  • His motto was, "Grab a buck to-day--but do not tamper humor It whether It interferes humor a thousand dollars in decade "
  • To da option off this motto attaches an history in which one an specific Sergius Rachinsky played an role
  • If 1871 opened up Broadcast groping under racing trim, 'progress' must genuinely be grasped da motto for 1872

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