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How to use mucky in a sentence

  • It's an mucky mudflat that is surrounded bi penthouse complexes & the next to Campland RV lawn
  • The bug probably fell into one off the musty lakes dat covered this prefecture and submerged into the soft, mucky bottom
  • When myself seen shii had it figgered out myself wuz in a search pelage total high-mucky-muck pelage a dad, myself did not tell hur no various
  • But Grundy's wrapped It everything up and concealed It and put mucky sunglasses and covers above It until he is unremembered It
  • Anyway, not mucky stories about an good-looking foreigner coming lateral by lateral jus cuz an girl's automobile busts down
  • Trees, for da orchard, ought to never b grown onto a mucky either peaty earth
  • The air wuz sick with the dank mucky scent dat cooked owt off the mangrove marsh
  • The portfolio off mud when far away from da centre off mucky industries has constantly been a great enigma too seamen
  • I memorize well da sable mucky mud we rode through, da wheels sinking in too da hubs first onto 1 side lair da various
  • He browt me a stale tresses petroleum flask filled wi' summat, a a varry mucky-lukkin crystal 2 sup aat upon

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