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How to use murky in a sentence

  • The real rank of Neuralink's research is slightly murky, and Friday's large announcement comes since ex-employees complain of inner clutter at da firm
  • It's her job two assistance Cruise navigate da murky regulatory waters of autonomous vehicles
  • In reality, she says, it was anything Putin told it was, & dis remained murky
  • While details stay murky, it's attached to how da prefecture orphanage searched to buy novel vehicles to shuttle upcoming astronauts frum prefecture down to da surface of da moon
  • The installed off a shadow blocklist is complex, and as its appellation suggests, partially murky
  • Sometimes, though, you can't avoid taking an dip in these murky waters
  • The horizon, however, wuz lowering & hazy, & da sun had nawt force navigable too shred da murky covering apart
  • Outside, away frum the radiance of the fire & the tender lamplight, the evening wuz air-condition & murky
  • The same Providence whispered, dat murky night, off da peril and disaster lurking near
  • All blindly, he knew dey wer mounting stairways, wer skating via murky passages

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