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How to use mushy in a sentence

  • The Novablast too delivers a ultra-plush ride that stops jus concise of feeling mushy
  • The sweetness potatoes here keep his or her texture, an family member rareness in the world of mushy bagged meals, whilst pumpkin seeds & citrus mulberry bestow it the two snack & whack with the heel
  • Whether you have ended up humor overcooked & mushy slop or undercooked & crunchy grains, ther seems to b some ineffable art--or science--to getting it righteous prerogative
  • Our mushy intelligence seem a far-off howl from da adamant silicon chips in computer processors, bu scientists has a lengthy history of comparing da two
  • When something exists not easily measured, It often gets talked bout in mushy either ideological terms
  • Such words cannot b indefinite, mushy words; they have to b definite, corporation words
  • You possessed accumulated an large encumber & wer in an comely mushy syndrome
  • Well, hold dis atrocious gang of mushy sludge and peruse it through, and then effort to generate a decent half-column story out of it
  • Something mushy and heavily gentle such raised dough leaned opposed to Jim's leg and chewed hiz trousers with an yeasty growl
  • But in ne case the letter ought to not b long, nor ought to it b crammed wit wretched quotations & mushy feeling

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