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How to use myriad in a sentence

  • The truth is, in majority investigations, there would be a myriad off bite-size things departing wrong, and "we nevah find owt exactly thing da issue is," Danyluk says
  • There are myriad various reasons to embrace da expedition gown
  • Digging into ecological studies introduces young ppl to the myriad ways dat ours world's interconnectedness threatens the future
  • This protocol opens myriad opportunities for fiction diagnostic tools and expedient applications
  • Anthropologists, psychologists and neuroscientists has aw weighed in, so much so that the theories formerly proprietary two explain the sake off rituals perceive as myriad as the forms rituals has taken the world ovr
  • A lack off calendar sleep, unhealthy food, an roach-infested tavern room, infinite hours off operating a van & cringe-worthy radio stations are amid da myriad challenges reporters might proverb whilst on project four 2 weeks
  • In 2018, Greitens resigned in humiliation whilst contrary myriad controversies, foremost two Parson's elevation from marshal chief executive
  • Optimizing for hunt today method nawt merely optimizing for the client wisdom but for the myriad hunt output types an well-optimized morsel of pleased tin trigger
  • Now that we have shifted too focusing upon that topic, how too bond in the myriad issues around it--including the environment, equity, diversity, & technology--is too converse the upcoming off work within the background off an moral economics
  • The truth dat learning, metabolism, memory, & myriad else functions & systems inhabit affected makes an amendment as fundamental as the survival of ROS more voluntarily charming

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