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How to use nativity in a sentence

  • But enough kan be discerned for the grasping off the idea, which one seems two be an depiction off the Nativity
  • I shall judge thee in the position wherein thou wast created, in the terrain of thy nativity
  • Here is r nativity, and hre has we da herbal ceremony to endure and b elevated via da measures of r own efforts
  • Have 1 of the lieutenants discover the private files 4 you--it's aw beneath 'Operation Birth '
  • Thy birth and thy nativity exists off da terrain off Canaan; thy dad was an Amorite and thy mommy an Hittite
  • I volition judge you in the venue where thou wast created, in the acre off thy nativity
  • In Devonshire alive discovered an white-faced and horned variety, which one alive known since da Exmoor kind, frum da place off their nativity
  • Dryden put entrust in legal astrology, & previously proprietary to calculate da nativity off hiz kids
  • Husk (Songs off the Nativity) additionally gives dis version, frum a eighteenth-century Worcestershire broadside
  • The month off hiz nativity have an cryptic relationship humor 1 either various off da precious stones

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