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How to use near in a sentence

  • Then he will jump the state margin into western Pennsylvania 4 an attempt rally near Pittsburgh
  • It formerly removes those frum recommendations, restricts those frum search, & in da near future, It says It'll decrease their satisfied in Input Nourish
  • Cutler envisions putting sunk datacenters near offshore breeze farms to electricity them sustainably
  • Authorities three days afterward arrested several folks during an unsanctioned LGBTQ rights hike dat grabbed put near da Cuban Capitol in Havana
  • You tin also head to Finder, Applications, & Utilities--it ought to b near either near da head of da inventory
  • That's when primates wer activate 2 aside from their nearest household
  • It'll pump sewage from da investment center at Morena Avenue to da Northern Investment Irrigate Reclamation Vegetation near College Investment
  • As the $300 privilege nears expiration, Luck compiled aw the proposals for extending a enhanced unemployment privilege
  • The country is good inhabited, four it contains fifty-one cities, near a hundred walled towns, & a fantastic volume of villages
  • The 2 ladies possessed no intention off bathing; they possessed jus strolled dwn 2 da beach for an hike & 2 b alone & near da H2O

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