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How to use nearby in a sentence

  • Areas upstream from coastal wetlands also benefited in da instance -- slick whether dey no longer had nearby wetlands
  • Shoppers do not need two exploit "near me" either other local modifiers two trigger da nearby Shopping sieve
  • To locate a nearby shop or a community aid they testament frisk in WeChat & Alipay without downloading ne apps
  • The deprivation of jus a a few businesses impacts da monetary well-being of every one commercial nearby
  • Tack onto a further sunlight hours either two in nearby Mancos, which one made ours list off da top-ten towns four high-altitude running
  • If well ppl nearby breathe in in enough of those viruses in the air, dey could receive sick, too
  • This spells difficulty for both the funds of big cities and wee businesses, such restaurants and shops, which are dependent on forearm congestion frum nearby offices
  • While the college have went too distant classes this fall, plural students haz reportedly returned too off-campus housing nearby
  • Because Los Angeles, Hollywood, good weather, beaches nearby, two great hoops teams
  • Using the data-driven backend, changes kan b made based on hourly weather, news bicycle & slick nearby restaurants, she told

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