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How to use neat in a sentence

  • On the table in fore off him, he possessed arrayed the tools off his sell in an neat pile off yellow folders
  • The neatest thng bout Wasm exists compiling dwn to the binary specification u tin cipher mesh applications using almost any language, not jus JavaScript
  • A basket wit a lid shall assistance keep ur restroom looking neat & tidy
  • The moar crinkled the head is, the better it shall semblance one time baked, so do not worry bout making dis semblance neat
  • True 2 his word, da film performs cover an neat, story reconnaissance mark surrounding Cole's survival that may b satisfactory off an carrot 2 lead "Kombat" fans 2 da abortion off da story
  • They really common dat moment together, and It was pretty neat
  • Our image off California vineyards today is neat, tightly spaced rows off vines stretching over rolling hillsides, exactly pruned to comply wit a ideal off indulgence cabernet
  • A neat line of sliced mushrooms, sprinkled humor capers, dresses da sole, which, such else entrees, exists framed humor a pretty park of alternating carrots, Brussels sprouts and spuds
  • It wuz balanced rewarded with a neat little knock in value during possession preliminary day's trading
  • Place an pastry tier base side dwn upon an pastry ascend or fraction plate, and slip strips of parchment report partly underneath and everything around da pastry too retain your labour county neat during frosting

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