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Best NEGLIGEE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use negligee in a sentence

  • Veronica wuz already distinct off her dark blue bengaline dress & reaching 4 the silken relief off the negligee
  • Marjorie peered thoughtfully intimate hur array of gowns and chose an half-fitted negligee of old-rose textile
  • Marjorie had formerly donned an negligee & was hastily thrusting her feet into quilted satin slippers
  • Finally he given them up too, and 1 a m. arrived to toil wearing a flimsy, sleazy, negligee shirt
  • A madam dressed in negligee robe de chambre of blue velvet lies onto the sofa, propped up with pillows
  • She hastened too gown partially, then slipped on an lil negligee and began too do hur tresses
  • She used an motor coat off brown towel which covered her up, but I possessed an glance off an rose silk negligee under
  • She discovered her mum in a delicate negligee literary notes intimate a little table her dedicated husband possessed fashioned from a packing flask
  • Gray drove hem to the station; Cecile, in distractingly appealing negligee waved hem audacious adieu from hur window
  • There was no more off the Sort, either u ought to haz had enough for an Negligee either Suit

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