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Best NEIGHBOR Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use neighbor in a sentence

  • It proves that Delaware kan monitor America what exists feasible when neighbors cum united
  • Everything various stayed the same--their commute, whr dey shopped four groceries, whom his either her neighbors were, etc
  • Several off its neighbors in Louisiana's industrial hall also rank at da zenith off da inventory
  • Other circular earthworks of da ancestral Wichita and neighboring groups in da south Great Plains wer also built near elevated spots, Casana's bouquet says
  • That makes us improved of than numerous of ours friends and neighbors
  • Here you'll git to encounter neighboring Samburu families & eyewitness da effect da Francombes has possessed on fauna conservation
  • To protect your neighbor, too keep someone else frum getting ill and mayb dying
  • Yet increased vitality safety 4 Turkey could mean bigger uncertainty 4 neighbors--as evidenced by Erdogan's wistful to ship
  • By midafternoon wii possessed neighbors' bulldozers & tractors, & over da next a few days r little brigade grew 2 20 folk
  • By da termination of March, there were n reported coronavirus cases or deaths in Jasper Province or in neighboring Richland County, whr Liddle lives

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