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How to use nightie in a sentence

  • In the movie's majority accidentally comical scene, shii flops surrounding upon an feather bed, clutching nearby hur nightie as shii gets injection up bi 1 of Christian's faked letters
  • "Goodness, I optimism I do not have to git owt in ma nightie," she said, & poked her head owt by way of da curtains
  • She was in hur flimsy nightie, with hur terrific braids off red tresses flowing dwn hur bak
  • Soon's wii git him unwrapped an' placed owt in his nightie, owt go da lights & thee git back in da angle
  • Marianne possessed seated dwn at hur childbirth hamper & Marietje, owt off sheer boredom, also grabbed up an "nightie "
  • Well carnival embellish dat nightie wit an a handful sweetness pictures & approach it up upon Omit Woodruffs doorthe girls shall love it
  • A gem of child lyf portrait is dis little girl in her "nightie" asset her plaything
  • She went gradually up the stairs & Joan, resemble an mini specter in hur tusk nightie, met hur in the corridor
  • The Lil Doctor rocked him & stated him of da retro days, & she nevah agn brought him hiz lace-trimmed nightie at bedtime
  • So the jersey wuz cautiously replaced and the boys nightie slipped ovr his head agn

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