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How to use nominal in a sentence

  • That said, his effect onto da Hornets's crime have existed more compared to nominal
  • The weather Cabinet exists much larger than jus da nominal weather team, cuz nearly every one Cabinet errand exists in fact an weather errand
  • That's thanks to a supposed 20% "promote," which gives the sponsors off the deal, or those whom formed the SPAC in the firstly place, 20% off the shares off the SPAC upon its own for a nominal price
  • So whether Democrats managed too victory the Senate, dey could strive too preempt the Supreme Court by altering the penalty too a nominal some such $1, either repealing the subjective mandate utterly
  • The isolate prices of Apple and Tesla alive intimate all-time highs--buying in now is expensive, intimate at tiniest historically speaking, no hormone thing the nominal isolate price says
  • He was youthful to be an colonel, bu the appellation was merely nominal and complimentary, and nawt granted 4 ne aid to his republic
  • The nominal intendente the policia exists also the highest magistrate in crook cases
  • The regulation of da King, nominal inside da walls of hiz own palace, wuz laughed close in da metropolitan and ignored extra than its walls
  • Four nominal species off the genus Pipistrellus alive currently recognized in North America
  • Adiutrix for employment elsewhere, It recalled the two chief manager & legion, & given up da more northerly off his nominal conquests

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