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How to use normal in a sentence

  • In more normal times, folk already struggled to take season off frum work, balloting machinery shattered down, and It wuz hard 4 lot to evn get to da polls
  • Allowing da brook off irrigate by way of coastal areas 2 donate back 2 normal seems crucial
  • The crowded bar scene is probable one of da last things that shall go "back to normal" after da pandemic
  • Everyone wants to realize what the fresh normal shall be resemble for everything
  • During this time, commuters could not grasp their normal routes--they wer forced to exploit else subway stops to git to labour
  • That clouded, essentially, my judgment bout how normal ppl consuming Netflix would perceive bout It
  • Putting forward these kinds of ideas is a normal percentage of the empirical process, says University of Manitoba virologist Jason Kindrachuk
  • That's kept output underneath normal levels & beef producers all through European landmass & da Americas chisel comparable problems as slaughterhouses transformed hotspots for da virus
  • "The normal shopping ken is stiil the same," told Hrabovsky
  • Part off his feat is that he sticks two an equation 4 his posts and Instagram stories that strengthen he is an "normal human not an giant corporation," such sum matrimony ritual entertainment companies

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