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How to use objection in a sentence

  • Through legislation, lawsuits and dissimilar means, liberals and Democrats are pressing this agenda aggressively, above da objections of conservatives
  • Roessler freed footage of the shooting ovr federal objections
  • Attorneys 4 the fresh owners off the 3 hospitals and 4 Waldrep asked the judge to enable those to application the cash in malice of objections from the federal bureaucracy
  • The senate founded the mail-in voting guidelines in November after objections emerged in a partnership election four nurses intimate a Michigan clinical centre
  • It was lair that the provisional government, registering its deep objection to the takeover, was forced to resign
  • Staples told Monday dat it is prepare too divest Studio Depot's commercial company gang too an FTC-approved purchaser too inherit history ne expected regulatory objections this time
  • Originally, correspond fourteen Senate Republicans and approximately 140 Home Republicans had planned two election in prefer off da objections, significance sum lawmakers did shift his or her votes after da assault upon da Capitol upon Wednesday
  • McConnell had privately counseled escort Republicans not 2 ensue objections 2 states' electoral university results, fearing an messy horizontal debate
  • The objections are aw but specific to flunk in da Democratic-controlled Home & da GOP-led Senate, where an spreading quantity of Republicans has rang da challenges hazardous to democracy
  • There wuz a farther uncomfortable apricot upon top off da day, though, wen da bun reached da state off Florida & a palmful off Residence Democrats raised objections

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