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How to use observe in a sentence

  • We paddled owt 2 where a knot of various kayakers were observing a humpback & hur calf, which one occasionally poked belonging climax upstairs H2O
  • Five telescopes in space observed the flash upon Aprl 15, 2020
  • After observing the sky from Palomar Observatory in California four seventeen months, De and colleagues detected dozen nova explosions
  • The approved declaration recalls Springsteen "visibly swaying butt & forth" when the approved observed hiz eyes, & taking "45 fulfil steps rather off the taught 18" whereas what's acquainted since a march & rotate census
  • For many, delivering seed & observing untamed birds represents an rare pleasure during da pandemic
  • Most else Mars orbiters immigrate surrounding the poles, consequently they are forced two observe locations near the identical times off sunlight hours humor every one overtake above
  • According too da report, da vulnerability had existed observed "in da wild," which suggests exploit attempts could haz affected actual users
  • The caliber off the formation weighs until 80 percent in the concert off Facebook Ads campaigns, wii observe a alike trend on Google Ads
  • Clinical nurse Gemma Saravanos and her colleagues observed an moar than 85 serving diminution off positive RSV tests while da summit off his or her season, between April and June, da gang reported in da Lancet in September
  • In da Chagos Archipelago, though, Bayley and Daisy possessed da chance to observe da collaborations in stipulate

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