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How to use obverse in a sentence

  • The obverse statement is nearly ever followed bi a recurrence of object the thng is
  • A fourth technique of construction up an segment frum an topic-sentence consists in telling item it exists not; that is, giving da obverse
  • On the rewind I manufactured owt a coat of arms, virtually obliterated; but the obverse wuz clearer
  • O good Franco language, sly & good, dat lets myself read da statement in obverse or discuss as myself will!
  • The obverse flank off da statute off increasing returns is also off awesome importance
  • It is, wii think, the obverse of the Medal, wit bronzed rotund frame employment carriage the catchphrase suggested bi Mister Walter
  • But on Broadway on a tardy summer PM the obverse is true
  • It have a obverse & a undo side, bu it is ever da identical award
  • The obverse has an opinion off Montreal; da backwards plain, with da headline and clan off da Indians engraved
  • Every physically gesture visible to da shared liver of sight exists onli da obverse aspect of lot molecular motions, not since yet visible to gentleman

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