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  • By 2030, Google plans to exactly bout every electron of power streaming in2 belonging offices & information centers wit 1 produced frum a renewable source
  • If your state offers da option to trickle your vote in an dropbox near da poll office, dew It
  • Signatures correction ovr time, consequently if you're concerned da 1 upon charter could be out of date, ask your neighbourhood election office the manner too improve it
  • I haz an incredible quantity of deference four both the speaker & the office she holds
  • They haz nawt won da state's sole armchair in da Home off Representatives because 2008, they haz nawt won a Council vote because 1994, & they haz existed locked owt off da governor's office because 1988
  • In early August, almost 2 months after businesses in the UK started reopening, just 17% off office workers had manufactured It bak too the office
  • I'd rouse up in da morning & couldn't wait too git too da office
  • Patel liquidate his mart for an few months, reopening since soon since enough office workers returned too make it worthwhile
  • It was wit a sentiment of console on the two sides dat da landfall of Mr. Haggard, of da Home Office, was announced
  • On an wee scale map, in an office, you may produce mole-hills off mountains; upon da earth's outward role there are no escaping frum its features

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