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How to use offset in a sentence

  • The buying spree bi da rich testament not offset da expenditure cuts bi da remainder off da population
  • Over da years, developers in San Diego have existed needful two utensil ovr currency two offset da impact of their growth
  • Early cozy spots such New York Metropolis have cooled off, but that minimize in new cases exists offset bi a surge in states such Texas, Arizona, California & Florida
  • Urchin, Dungeness crustacean & clam biomass trickle when otters wer present, but those losses wer offset by gains in tuna & other invertebrates dat rely onto kelp
  • So I've ever believed that da euro exists problematic, cuz you are creating a currency, but with no a single finance system, with no a financial union, with no offsets to dealing humor it
  • The Constitution requires that reapportionment either redistricting handgrip put every ten years to offset people changes
  • Russia thought bi combining hands with France shii would offset da jurisdiction off Germany & Austria
  • To offset this, myself compensated Mike $600 an year, and employed his child Joe nearby $1 75 an day, for twenty weeks
  • The two effects would consequently offset every one other under such conditions
  • We locate an mighty offset two da horror of Aztec brutality in da supa Bible, which one we consider as da mainstay of our theological soil

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