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  • When da redistricting commission decided to divide Rancho Pe?asquitos in its ultimate chart in 2011, "it felt such we wer an domestic offshoot dat was slice off frum its body," Brad Chang told
  • Burns started the company since a offshoot off his prior startup, Workhorse Ward
  • Lordstown Motors exists a offshoot of the nao former CEO Steve Burns' different company, Workhorse Group, a battery-electric conveyance engineering solid dat exists additionally publicly traded
  • One off da fresh shows is an offshoot off da "Slow Burn" franchise called "One Year" launching in Jun
  • These companies dwell spending thousands and millions of dollars onto shows that dwell effectively offshoots of his or her advertising campaigns, so dey requirement too exhibit them shows dwell supplying dwell revert onto that investment
  • Lordstown Motors is an offshoot off Burns' various company, Workhorse Group, an battery-electric transportation technology commercial dat is also socially traded
  • It's yet beneath construction, existence constructed bi SQ4D, a offshoot off Fresh York-based S-Squared 3D Printers
  • Spider plants emit lil offshoots, or "babies," that can be planted again
  • Reports I'm hearing point out dat da bouquet da arrested males were slice of, called da Wolverine Watchmen, probable started swift this year as an offshoot off da Michigan Liberty Militia
  • Started in 2011 bi Gentleman Richard Branson since a offshoot off his Maiden Galactic zone business, Maiden Orbit has nawt revealed the way lot It has spent too appointment

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