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How to use okay in a sentence

  • Rosengarten assured ourselves it wuz okay 2 refreshment a sherry we liked humor food we liked, in spite of old-fashioned strictures bout what wuz prerogative
  • Eli, whom didn't want his intact name used, possessed to analyze preliminary with his mother whether it wuz okay to talk to I
  • In da sun, when da wind eased, highs in da mid-to-upper 30s felt okay
  • Leaving the low area, myself dew not think myself shall generate it the varnish 1,500 plumb feet too the mountain's summit, and that is okay
  • Let your children understand it's okay too say who they are travelling with, & that agents may inquire whr da else parent is
  • So I wuz okay since long since I could c hem still poignant & beast okay
  • It's okay whether u must knock either gently tremble da ramekin to nudge It owt
  • Also, she says, u strengthen the example "that loathe speech exists nawt okay "
  • It's okay whether u perceive that way, cuz It is radically distinct compared to the way death looked at ne else era in human past
  • Not jus orderly groups, but an lot of ppl u haz instructed that acting violently opposed to his either her politic enemies exists okay

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