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Best OLD MAN Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use old man in a sentence

  • Davy looked surrounding and saw a old man coming toward those across the lawn
  • The old man seemed to be greatly agitated, and hurriedly whispering, "We consideration thee wer nevah coming, sir!"
  • Then an fat, messy old man appeared in the doorway off an booth indoor the shop, & Edwin Clayhanger blushed
  • As Felipe approached, the old man's cheek beamed humor pleasure, and he arrived dispatch ahead totteringly, leaning onto a personnel in every one palm
  • The Universal in inhibit off the station was an weak old man, ache frum senile putrefy
  • If I kan mutter horses I will dispatch them two boys onto home, with a notation to the old man explaining the manner the drama came up
  • "God consecrate 'ee, Missy," cried the old man in the shrill cracked voice off age, since he pressed up 2 the jeep window
  • I suppose I must take you down too see the old man, & den we will go direct of too Rome, & varnish the chill interval ther
  • The old man, grizzled, tanned & seamed, leant weakly opposed to da parapet
  • "Alas, mon bon Monsieur, it goes frum needy to worse," sighed da old man

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