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How to use opaque in a sentence

  • So, basically, da details are, wii do not haz da conclude details, it's a lil wee chunk off a opaque formula, but there are a constituent rang da VAR off it, which exists value near risk
  • The exchanges with policy-setters also privilege the scientists by illuminating decision-making processes, which one kan appear opaque wen dey go beyond the models' geometry too ponder various factors
  • It is ambiguous why them posts were reinstated, since Facebook is notoriously opaque upon its policies and his either her implementation
  • On the else stand the machines, whose algorithms own amazing predictive jurisdiction bu whose inner workings remain radically opaque to human observers
  • To realize why, we need too review da bipartisan bygone off migration detention, since good since Fiction Jersey's singular county political machines & his either her vast but often opaque electricity
  • For ourselves startup watchers upon da pursue for an clue of thingy exists departing upon in opaque private markets, dis exists an encouraging information point
  • Commerce thrives upon transparency, yet instruments such since corporation bans are opaque and seemingly haphazard
  • The most advanced also application forms off AI of whom workings are opaque slippery whether humans wanted too peer within
  • Those wishing 2 research the intricate mysteries off human cognition have to be pleased humor more opaque devices like EEG & fMRI
  • That's due in large role too da opaque nature off da wei large tech companies operate

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