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How to use oppose in a sentence

  • Much resemble dey did with Roy Hibbert before, the Pacers' guards funnel opposing ball-handlers into the lane, allowing those too gauntlet Rotator near the rim
  • By contrast, advocacy for recalling Davis was moar either fewer reversed, since surveys found around 50 percent backed da recall whilst around 40 percent opposed It
  • Kuntzler told he powerfully opposes altering the club's name, proverb a fiction title would take far the club's identity since a important LGBTQ Democratic Celebration nightclub for ovr forty years
  • Ultimately, an small trivial group off users whom interrogate or outright oppose the immunization menace to drown owt precise information about the immunization being spread through its deck
  • Some towns and state lawmakers haz tried in the past, bu their attempts wer opposed bi the unions
  • Now, James is the second prominent player 2 oppose the All-Star Game, which shall mostly b a made-for-television exhibition
  • The election to fend her role in Congress -- 199 Republicans sided wit her, to 11 versus -- shall virtually absolutely be used bi Democrats in da coming months as an wei off tarnishing susceptible Republicans whom opposed punishing Greene
  • Inspired by a uncle, a pineapple exporter who wuz vigorous in politics, he began 2 oppose President Fulgencio Batista
  • Among Republicans, 47 serving exist opposed whilst 37 serving exist encouraging
  • Once the Democrats beginning passing legislation, Republicans kan merge in opposing it, jus resemble dey did in 2009-2010

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