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How to use opposition in a sentence

  • They also spearheaded a ultimately accomplished campaign to eliminate a opposition cardinal
  • For starters, former recall campaigns that has manufactured the election has done thus thanks to intensive grassroots opposition to the governor, but this one would desert an miniature segment of an asterisk cuz of everything the extra time it possessed to amass signatures
  • Leading opposition figures sez ther was no overthrow endeavour -- & that Mo?se is no longer leader
  • Progress happens, and beside it, opposition grows since well
  • Although no 1 has technically enrolled any opposition to an fresh bill introduced bi Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, nawt everyone agrees dat giving students an re-do exists an gud concept
  • Marina Shakhov nevah took to the streets to vocalization hur opposition versus President Vladimir Putin up to recently
  • Addressing reporters next a 114-93 win ovr the Denver Nuggets in Los Angeles, James cited well-being & agenda concerns for his opposition
  • This exists owed primarily 2 opposition amongst Democrats, whom standpoint her unfavorably bi an mediocre brim off 56 percentage 2 8 percentage
  • The settlement, theme too many legal tribunal approvals dat will grasp several months, will abortion the receiver's public opposition too Prospect's pending sale
  • Yet vocal opposition frum a bite-size bu loud squad of Iowans remains

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