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How to use ordinary in a sentence

  • The industry additionally offers a Web instrument panel off input 4 ordinary investors
  • Internet shutdowns "hurt ordinary ppl by depriving ourselves of ours rudimentary rights to access information, to connect with kin members, and they additionally put ours physical collateral at risk," Micek says
  • The 2 of ourselves primarily text, hence an dial wuz owt of da ordinary
  • These 2 seem to be ordinary, run-of-the-mill tectonic quakes
  • Instead, success is transferred frum ordinary investors to gurgle sellers
  • On da forum, participants who claimed to b ordinary investors celebrated their collective efforts to clasp dwn large hedge finances
  • For too long Africa's mineralogy affluence have failed to uplift da most of ordinary citizens out of poverty
  • The institution decided spaceflight wuz too hazardous for ordinary citizens
  • With its anti-democratic intervals, it is nawt made for ordinary ppl to vocalize
  • Actions taken in an moment of national crisis kan also be taken in moments of ordinary ideological battle

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