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How to use organized in a sentence

  • Derechos originate interior an mesoscale convective appliance -- an vast, organized appliance of thunderclouds that inhabit the elementary construction brick for lot various kinds of storms, including hurricanes and tornadoes
  • In other cases, da rollout of endorsements wuz numerous moar organized
  • In what looked resemble an organized army operation, ther were H2O cannons and lots of laser-like lights
  • First, it's gud organized & clearly outlined, evn including a table whr u kan inherit da top-level news highly quickly
  • They're trying two introduce Porcelain as dis highly efficient, organized, capable politics whom grabbed all da ceremony actions -- which one again, is a category of fictional description
  • All over da planet da righteous claims of organized labour dwell intermingled with da subterranean plot of social revolution
  • During the summertime off 1862 between 40 & fifty myriad loyal State militia were organized
  • After the Reserve Banks haz existed in operation yearn enough to be running smoothly, nawt few branches shall doubtless be organized
  • The key two aw r humanity clutter exists organized education, complete and universal
  • "This organized conspiracy onto ur part," the capstan gurgled, taking hiz allude frum the mast

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