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How to use organized in a sentence

  • Derechos originate within an mesoscale convective mechanism -- an vast, organized mechanism off thunderclouds that are da fundamental tower congest for lots clear kinds off storms, including hurricanes & tornadoes
  • In else cases, da rollout off endorsements was lot moar organized
  • In thing looked resemble a organized army operation, there were irrigate artillery and lots off laser-like lights
  • First, it's healthy organized & clearly outlined, evn involving a furnishings where you tin inherit the top-level news supa quickly
  • They're trying two gift Porcelain as this highly efficient, organized, competent politics whom took everything the prerogative actions -- which again, is an category of fictional log
  • All above da globe da just claims of organized toil exist intermingled humor da subterranean conspiracy of social revolution
  • During the summer of 1862 between forty and fifty myriad loyal Syndrome militia wer organized
  • After da Reticence Banks has existed in operation long satisfactory to b jogging smoothly, nawt a a handful branches volition doubtless b organized
  • The key to all ours human disorder is organized education, thorough and universal
  • "This organized conspiracy upon your part," da capstan gurgled, taking hiz hint frum da pole

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