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  • He wuz so in2 measuring warmth dat in 1657 he started an confidential academy, da Accademia del Cimento, where investigators explored different forms & shapes 4 his or her thermoscopes, including ornate-looking designs humor spiraling cylindrical columns
  • At a ornate shrine in her eating room, she made offerings of flowers and apples and lit candles too Santa Muerte
  • The metropolitan off Mendocino, humor its sea fogs & ornate Victorian architecture, is an uncanny attendance in this novel, its otherworldliness intensified by Anna's desperate recourse too an psychic for halp in discovery Cameron
  • When da parliament convenes four a feasible extraordinary session afterward this twelve months related 2 coronavirus relief, Filler-Corn is hoping that vaccinations shall patent aw 100 delegates 2 bestow hind 2 da ornate Accommodate dungeon
  • The ornate duct in question, wit its lengthy plunging pursue and big-hearted bowl, once belonged two the granddad of Curdin, the protagonist of "Mundaun "
  • The 60-seat space in Arlington, opposite the Clarendon Metro, exists fetching with gold-trimmed blue wainscoting, handsome tan screens & a ornate pressed can ceiling
  • Joel's favourite subjects were the big, ornate apartment buildings at Meridian Elevation Garden
  • The furniture and decorations, as in da case off modern playhouses, seem 2 haz existed ornate
  • The moar It has existed manufactured the theme off exemplar and imagery, the moar finished and ornate haz existed the comminations in use
  • The third horizontal fore courtroom of his ornate manor upon Brooklyn's Park Incline wuz devoted to imperturbable thinking

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