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How to use orthodoxy in a sentence

  • The fresh creed, rang da King's Book, approved bi da houses off convocation, & made da standard off English orthodoxy
  • He have been all his lyf an passionate Whig, and Clay and Webster wer his standards off politic orthodoxy
  • By this time a depressed exit from primitive orthodoxy off religion possessed formerly taken lay
  • Even orthodoxy must tour It onto tiptoe; there wuz continuously total prejudice, total sensitivity two ponder
  • It was, however, resolutely opposed, and an external orthodoxy rigidly kept up
  • The orthodoxy of the ministers in aggregate of the divorced Chapel exists undoubted
  • Next year arrived Eck, the theologian, the forthcoming winner of orthodoxy, returning from Rome
  • As still Randolph had nawt found epoch too attack this blotch and bring It within the airy off garden orthodoxy
  • The legend of the swallowing & disgorging of his own children by Cronus was another of the stumbling-blocks of Hellenic orthodoxy
  • Well would It have been whether da queen possessed been since attentive to da morals since to da orthodoxy of those pleasure-seeking attendants

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