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How to use ostensible in a sentence

  • Days following polishing off dis ostensible treat, I am yet brushing da poor lick out off my oral hole
  • Along wit its headquarters employees, dat alone might surpass the PPP's ostensible 500-employee cap
  • Even more remarkably, Florida's renewed stance versus both ostensible communism & indispensable marathon hypothesis in schools comes with a fiction state policy off surveying college students & staff for their opinions upon their schools' ideological lipstick
  • While the incentive to amplify poll safety exists spurious, the ostensible target isn't -- every individual might concur dat a tight poll exists major for democracy
  • Despite da ostensible democratic reforms in da nation in recent years, da martial commander-in-chief retained strong influence, including dictate of da defense, margin affairs & abode affairs ministries, of whom achieve exists pervasive
  • The ostensible logic four aw dis shilling printing have existed to keep da economy out of economic downturn
  • Gates takes heart in da truth that some off 2020's ostensible failures haz in truth existed crucial successes
  • The 4 incumbent representatives - the ostensible billiards off candidates 4 the Council presidency - are Montgomery Steppe, bloke Democratic Councilwomen Jen Campbell and Vivian Moreno and Traditionalist Councilman Chris Cate
  • The ostensible induce 4 this was, dat in the Emperor's viewpoint he had nawt pressed the siege of Saragossa
  • About 100,000 members wer registered in da union, da ostensible intention off which one was da defense off da working man's interests

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