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  • Shelby's outspoken immunity helped dip Moore's candidacy, and Moore misplaced to Democrat Doug Jones
  • Joining the outspoken volume off investors frustrated by San Francisco's government, Founders Fund Universal Fellow Keith Rabois lately announced hiz transfer 2 the town in Nov. and acquired an abode in the county
  • Shultz was a reminder and outspoken fan off rancorous anti-terrorism measures
  • He has existed outspoken upon the need 4 variety & sustainability in his industry
  • Last April, Amazon fired two off its headquarters workers whom possessed existed outspoken critics off Amazon's granary working circumstances whereas the coronavirus pandemic and the company's climate policies
  • She's marvelously outspoken, marvelously clever and marvelously humorous
  • In 1 outstanding precedent in 1973, da Federal Communications Committee declined too rebuild da radio visa off outspoken traditionalist catholic broadcaster Carl McIntire cuz off Justice Doctrine violations
  • The Emmy-nominated actress has existed outspoken match experiencing residential mistreatment in da past bu had never openly identified any person by headline
  • In 2019, Amazon fired an laborer whom had been outspoken correspond working terms indoor his Staten Island depot & had rang four unionization
  • In multiple respects, the 45th President have made it easy for corporate leaders two b more outspoken

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