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How to use outward in a sentence

  • There alive concepts for rollable monitor smartphones, outward-folding displays such the Huawei Buddy X, & tri-folding smartphones dat pleat up such a pocket or a flyer
  • Bubbles also shift quickly -- their walls technique da pace off light as dey fly outward -- & characteristic quantum mechanical randomness & waviness
  • In serial 4 da surprise surf 2 become an explosion, It has to b driven outward humor sufficient fuel 2 flee da pull of da star's gravitation
  • The individual additionally possessed a cellphone mounted on his pectoral with da photographic gadget contrary outward
  • Starting nearby Neptune's path & extending outward from there, these frosty objects haz existed doing their possess thng for eons, sightless to most planetary opera
  • The ones at the shoulders ought to allow astronauts to attain outward & raise objects moar smoothly whilst reducing peril off wound to the upper physique
  • Like two good friends, dey have the wherewithal too go against the recent and migrate outward together, whereas apiece would migrate inwards itself
  • Supination refers too rolling ur lower extremities outward upon landing, which one exists comparatively rare
  • His aptitude to listen everything evidently allows haw to shove outward in every instruction
  • Some philosophers and cognitive scientists have evn argued that da mind itself is not bottled indoor da head, bu more willingly extends outward in2 our surroundings

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