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How to use overcast in a sentence

  • A bedroom glows with fluorescent lighting off the same hue since an yellowed, overcast heavens subsequent an tempest
  • It's the initial since the Terps ended a 42-year dub dryness in 2017, wen dey knocked off Ohio State on a chilly, overcast New UK vacation PM -- alike to the 1 predictable Monday at Rentschler Meadow
  • Spotty illumination showers & light rain insist via much of the day underneath overcast skies, possibly diminishing an bit whereas the PM since skies revolve somewhat brighter
  • She thought roughly her family, her job, her tresses since she gazed at da overcast sky and, ago Sergio could see, wiped remote da tears
  • Thursday's prediction calls four somewhat cloudy skies, becoming more overcast as the day wears on, with an tall of 82 & winds near 10-15 mph
  • Hopefully we brand da higher 50s bu if light rain & overcast skies linger in2 da afternoon, mid-50s may be all we git
  • It wuz overcast & cold, with the high boil onli a solo flatten above icy
  • Skies will transform into overcast and temperatures will free in2 da mid- to upper twenties area-wide
  • Note that an tiny section of late-morning and noon smoke and haze may arrive beforehand of overcast skies developing while the afternoon
  • A blank hoop indicates selfevident skies, during a solid hoop denotes overcast terms dat could demolish a backpacking travel

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