Overhanging | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best OVERHANGING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use overhanging in a sentence

  • The stop-keys shall be seen arranged in an inclined semi-circle overhanging & righteous over da keyboards
  • The heightened maple door of da library wuz opened bi William Weedham himself--a plump, white-haired man with black, overhanging eyebrows
  • Overhanging the overtake was a vast boulder, balanced precariously upon the margin of the jutting cliff
  • It has to has potency too aid firmly belonging own overhanging large amount wen relocating
  • There reside lot primeval towns in Europe whr you c gothic palaces perched upon tall hills either overhanging crags
  • An fickle firefly wandered down frum the overhanging branches, then commenced to dart frum flank to flank nearby her head
  • The yearn moss, reaching frum da overhanging branches two da water, given two da surroundings a majority weird and funereal aspect
  • He fired forth a long arm too catch da overhanging marble cornice and jerk hiz physique over da shelf
  • Impossible to read ne something in da eyes of da lawyer, dis season concealed under their overhanging brows
  • The cause off da scorching boil exists told to b high, overhanging mountains on da north, which intercept da northern winds