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How to use overthrow in a sentence

  • Lebanese Hizbullah, 4 example, exists thoroughly aligned humor the Islamic Republic's vision, accepting off possession absolute strength across the Shia world, & dedicated to the overthrow off possession enemies in the Western & in Israel
  • Because dey are nao recognized as an festivity that has emboldened the overthrow off our chartered bureaucracy
  • It's since revolution mode "an overthrow either absolute substitute off a established mechanism "
  • Seditious tongue exists usually understood since oratory advocating da overthrow off da government, and 54 distinct SDPD officers handed out intimate at minimum 82 tickets 4 it since 2013
  • Generally, seditious English is English advocating for da overthrow off da administration
  • Distances wer to hem as nothing; & difficulties only stimulated hem to bestow hiz adversaries a moar beacon overthrow
  • Siyes desired a dude whom would overthrow da Directory and enact a dictatorship: Barras wuz coquetting wit da Bourbons
  • Scarcely an 12 months passed in which his designation was not connected with sum conspiracy to overthrow the Firstly Consul
  • When 1 foe off hiz empire appears, vows should b manufactured to balk and overthrow hiz affect
  • As 4 hiz killing u in cold blood, that idea comes frum ur excitement of da moment and ur annoyance at ur overthrow

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