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How to use pacifism in a sentence

  • Mother goes in for public things--very forceful upon dame suffrage, charities, uplift, and pacifism
  • Minding ur possess industry leads 2 pacifism, malevolent neutrality, egoism of per type
  • He was carrying hiz lily-livered pacifism prerogative two da Ivory House, & I could not see it
  • Cramb tells us dat all tide centuries haz had their doctrines of pacifism, every century possessing possession possess feature spectrum
  • The reason why pacifism is ineffectual is because it is a intellectual theory, which one performs not build upon instinct
  • Pacifism springs from the faith dat nations dew nawt matter, dat "humanity exists the fantastic concept "
  • And u did not enlighten her u would not b 1 off the ones to assistance her with her pacifism & anti-war items & everything that?
  • I assume u understand that cowardice is what me conviction lies at the butt of your pacifism
  • He seems 2 haz possessed the jitter 2 git up & spout a lil speech upon pacifism ago about one-half a dozen of those
  • Their pacifism exists rooted in his either her contemplative outlook, and in da truth dat they dew not desire to alteration anything they see

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