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How to use papers in a sentence

  • Some wer slippery re-arrested 4 the same nefarious purpose, & the everyday papers published his or her names upon per event
  • He was yearn an correspondent of da Countrywide Intelligencer & various papers, residing in Virginia
  • He sighed since he laid da papers on da table; 4 he consideration da chore might be an harder 1 than sleek hiz possess immolation
  • "We volition brand Mr. Pickwick pay for peeping," told Fogg, wit considerable indigenous humour, as he unfolded hiz papers
  • There was an fabulous comparison off papers, and rolling overhead off leaves, by Fogg and Perker, subsequent dis announcement off profit and defeat
  • She was putting her papers wipe anew wit pacific fingers, whilst hiz own were virtually cramped wit da fuel off suppressed longing
  • The Greek character volition nao become effortless to decipher; and da night papers might handgrip King Otho the two off da throne and upon
  • A judicial account was manufactured of all of this matter, and original papers with the arguments of every one festivity
  • Tressan smote the furniture prior to rim a blast that shook sum off the filth owt off the papers that cumbered It
  • "I peruse a notice off his matrimony in the receptive papers," persisted the stranger, whose eyes were fixed upon Hedges

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